January Blogs


The Real (Estate) Story  -  January 7, 2017
“I DON’T WANT TO GROW UP FAST, Grandpa.” This was my normally boisterous four-year-old grandson Gilligan. He was sitting on my knee in a reflective mood. Quiet times with this little guy are rare but...   Read More

The Real (Estate) Story  -  January 14, 2017
THE YEAR is off to a great start! My little Team and I have just put FOUR new transactions into escrow and we’re negotiating on a couple more. We’ve CLOSED three sales so far this year. TEN transactions in escrow. Our listings are...   Read More

The Real (Estate) Story  -  January 21, 2017
SIXTEEN DAYS, SIXTEEN DEALS. I’m writing this ramble on Monday the sixteenth. As I hammer this out, we have sixteen transactions either closed or in escrow for 2017. If we can keep this up all year, we’ll break all...   Read More

The Real (Estate) Story  -  January 28, 2017
SCAM ALERT…Okay, maybe not a scam. I guess you could call it an Ignorance Tax like the Lottery. Our clients are receiving official-looking letters offering to provide homeowners with profiles of their property for a “Service Fee” of $89.00. You can drop by the...   Read More

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