July Blogs

The Real (Estate) Story  -  July 01, 2017

JUST LISTED TODAY! TWO HOMES ON ONE LOT! 516 and 516 ½ Tamarack Drive in Lodi. Price? $349,950. Investors: Potential rents in the $2200 per month range. Future homeowners: Live in the big house and rent out the fully self-contained one-bedroom cottage! Minimum-down FHA is okay...  Read More

The Real (Estate) Story  -  July 08, 2017
"REAL ESTATE cannot be lost, stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid in full, and managed with reasonable care it is about the safest investment in the world." Smart guy, that Franklin D. Roosevelt... Read More

The Real (Estate) Story  -  July 15, 2017
J“I FIRST ASKED Audrey out on an official date on February 13 (I know the day before Valentine's Day, that was unplanned). On this first date, I tried to dissuade Audrey from falling madly in love with me. I told her I would never be seeking the highest paid jobs that would have all of the best benefits...Read More 

The Real (Estate) Story  -  July 22, 2017
AW, SHUCKS! The Statesman Team had SEVEN transactions scheduled to close escrow this week, but as I write this rant on Tuesday it appears that one of them will flop into early August. We’ll settle for six. Lots of happy clients! THANK YOU to all who are responsible for our success... Read More

The Real (Estate) Story  -  July 29, 2017
TRIPLE WHAMMY DEPT….Contingent offers are common in this current real estate climate. People once again have a wonderful thing called EQUITY in their homes! The big “But” is that they have to SELL their home to get their  equity and buy their next home... Read More

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