SIXTEEN DAYS, SIXTEEN DEALS. I’m writing this ramble on Monday the sixteenth. As I hammer this out, we have sixteen transactions either closed or in escrow for 2017. If we can keep this up all year, we’ll break all records!

While we’re NOT likely to serve 365 clients in 2017, it’s nice to see this level of activity. Busy hands are happy hands!

CONGRATULATIONS, Margie Mohr! My trusted Team member Sherry Dickhoff and I just SOLD her family’s Lodi home. Margie was referred to me by Oakdale Realtor Anita Prescott. We thank you, Anita!

I’M PART OF TWO excellent Realtor referral networks. In the last three days my Team has referred TWO clients to well-respected Realtors in other areas (Pacific Grove and Culver City). Need the name of a great Realtor in another area or state (or country)? Just call me at 401-5446! I’ll do the research, locate a likely candidate, and call to interview them before I recommend them. If I’m going to “put my name to them”, I want to make sure they’re worthy.

GOOD NEWS FOR FHA BUYERS! Those wild and wacky guvmint folks have raised FHA loan limits. This is great news, despite the disparity between counties. In San Joaquin County, the FHA loan limit climbed to $362,250 (up from $333,500). In Sac County, the FHA loan limit went up to $488,750 from the previous $474,950. Somebody ‘splain to me why I can get an FHA loan for over $100,000 more in Galt than in Lodi! However, I’m really not complaining. It’s a move in the right direction.

“EVERYBODY IS A GENIUS. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein. This is a man whose teachers labeled him "slow” and “mentally handicapped." But Einstein just had a different way of thinking. Have a great week!