MY FRIENDS and clients Doug and Kim Floyd were exhausted. After selling their home in THREE DAYS (thanks to the efforts of Mike Dickhoff and myself), they were moving their last load of belongings
back to their property in Forest Hill, California. Darkness was creeping in. The moving van and trailer were
chock-full. “How are we going to do this?” Kim asked Doug.
THE FLOYDS had left Forest Hill sixteen years ago to work in the Valley. Now retired, they’re excited to
return to the home they’ve rented out for so long. They were NOT excited at the prospect of unloading at
the end of an overwhelming day.
Just then, Kim noticed a procession of headlights coming toward them down the long gravel road to their
home. It was the church family they had been so close to all those years ago. A hot dinner was soon spread
out in the kitchen. Many hands helped empty the rigs and get the home set up for occupancy. God is good.

CONGRATULATIONS to Kyle and Rachelle and one-month- old baby Cruz, first-time homebuyers from
Brentwood. The Statesman Team’s John Dubois was point man on this adventure. Happy beginnings!
JOHN AGAIN: CONGRATS to Charles and Michelle on their move to our area to be closer to their
grandchildren.  As a Grandpa meself, I can relate! I’m so glad mine are only half an hour away.
I LOVE MY WORK. As I prepare invitations to our next Client Appreciation event, I can’t help but marvel
at my list of hundreds of clients I’ve had the privilege of serving over thirty-three years. Every name has a
story. Thanks for your trust. And if you have friends or family who need real estate help, please call me
with their name and number! I promise to give them my best. Thanks in advance.