“SUCCESS is the progressive realization of a worthy goal.” – Earl Nightingale. In other words, anyone
 who's on course toward the fulfillment of a worthwhile goal is successful. Yes!

BIG NEWS! We wish our own Mike and Sherry Dickhoff the BEST as they launch their new endeavor as
 a Keller Williams husband-and-wife team! Sherry has worked with me at Statesman on and off for over
 ten years. She’s a licensed real estate Broker and a veteran of hundreds of transactions. Mike is newer to
the business, but he has dozens of transactions under his belt. We wish them God’s best as they begin this new chapter of their life together. And THANKS to them both for their years with our jolly band!

CHANGE IS THE ONE CONSTANT in life. Over the years I’ve had the privilege of mentoring quite a 
few great people. It warms my heart to see them grow into capable professionals in their own right. As for 
The Statesman Team, we plan to continue to serve you at the highest level for years to come! Kristina
 Heisler, John DuBois, Angel McGregor, Jenny Hamm
 and I will miss Mike and Sherry, but our 
momentum is strong and building! THANK YOU to all who have played a part in our success.

WATCH THIS SPACE for THREE new listings coming soon! Two well-priced single-family homes and
an Acampo ranchette. Details to follow soon!

CONGRATULATIONS to Ken and Donna Pullman on the successful SALE of their home! Like so many
of our clients, I carried on an extended conversation with the Pullmans for several years before the time
finally came for them to make their move! Now they’re all set to live their dream! Happy beginnings. I love
 my work!