HUGE BUCK VANQUISHED BY SMALL DOG! First, the backstory: Our little Spike T. Dog was a rescue dog. As a puppy, he was dragged around on a rope by small kids who treated him like a toy. For the first year, we couldn’t get a collar on him because he was so traumatized from the previous mistreatment.

Spike was the size of a Big Mac when we took him home from PALS (People Assisting Lodi Shelter). I named him Spike because I thought it would help his self-esteem. Little did I know that he’d take his
macho name so seriously!

LAST SATURDAY in Pacific Grove, Spike faced off with a big ol’ buck deer! The buck blinked. Spike didn’t. Scroll down a bit for the FB photo. This little guy knows no fear!

CONGRATULATIONS to our Mystery Clients on the successful SALE of their Lodi family home! This was an adventurous escrow. One of our Sellers was evacuated by firemen from her Napa home during
escrow. She fled to another home in Calistoga…and was evacuated from THAT home the very next day. There was a period of time where she could not be found. The Statesman team’s John Dubois and I soldiered on and got the deal DONE! Another happy beginning.

NUMBER NINETY! The Statesman Team’s Kristina Heisler and I just put the year’s Transaction Number 90 into escrow today (Tuesday)! I’m excited! Two months of 2017 remaining and we’re already hitting a number I haven’t hit since 2003. Due to the rising average sale price, we’re also breaking the old sales-volume record. THANK YOU to all who have played a part in our success! Our business is built on
your referrals and on repeat business from our “Forever Clients”. You are appreciated.