BROADCASTER Larry King was asked, “If you could interview one person across all of time, who would it be?” His answer: “Jesus Christ.”

“WHAT WOULD YOU ASK HIM?” the interviewer queried. King replied, “I’d ask Him if He indeed was virgin-born. The answer to that question would interpret all of history.”

AUTHOR AND SPEAKER Ravi Zacharias observes, “Larry King was right. Both individual life and history must have a transcendent perspective if they are to be rightly understood. The birth and the resurrection of Jesus Christ give us just that. We cannot understand the progress of history until we know that history is ultimately His Story.”

I LIKE Dallas Willard’s observation: “Think of the most wonderful, most attractive, most thrilling, the most vibrant personal company you can imagine, and multiply that by a factor of infinity, and you have begun to get a glimpse of what God is doing, where He is, what He was doing before the foundation of the earth, and what He will be doing forever….

“You see, the greatest thing you and I can imagine is the fellowship of other loving persons, to love and be loved, to know, to enjoy, to be with, to adventure, to create. That’s what has been going on in Heaven forever. There is an everlasting, eternal party that we cannot even begin to imagine. But God has begun to show it to us.”

This Tuesday. followers of Jesus around the world will celebrate that moment in time when Heaven broke through here on earth. Questions? You might start with the Book of John in the Bible. I wish you a great CHRISTmas!