HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS…Our oldest daughter Heather flew in from the East Coast earlier this week for a whirlwind visit. SO good to have all three kids around the table (Heather, Angie and Tom) along with grandkids Freddie and Gilligan. Julie and I are much-blessed.

THE SONS-IN-LAW had to work and couldn’t make the party, but the attendees did have fun! Hope your Christmas was also a blessing.

‘NOTHING SELLS AROUND THE HOLIDAYS” DEPT. CONT’D…CONGRATULATIONS to Matt and Stacey Edalgo on the successful SALE of their Woodbridge home. You may recall that they purchased their replacement home BEFORE listing this one for sale. Nice way to end the year!

CONGRATS ALSO to Brian and Michelle Goff! Sixteen years ago, I helped this young couple buy their very first home in Lockeford. A few years later I helped them MOVE UP to a spacious ranchette. They kept their first home as a rental until now. Good investment!

CONGRATULATIONS to John and Sandra Highfill on the successful SALE of their home! It shot up in value dramatically since I helped them buy it a few short years ago.

CONGRATULATIONS to Murray and Flora Test! We’ve been talking about this move and laying the groundwork for it for over FOUR YEARS! Murray retired, they closed the sale on their home, packed and moved to their home out of state all in the same ten day period! All that planning paid off. Thanks to John DuBois for his able assistance on this transaction!

THREE MORE SALES scheduled to close by year’s end! They may have CLOSED by the time this paper hits your flower bed, but I’ll wait another week for those congrats. Let’s get together right here NEXT YEAR! Happy New Year!