FEBRUARY ALREADY! What a grand start to 2019. Don’t let anybody fool you. The real estate industry is alive and well, thank you! Well-priced homes still sell quickly. Sure, prices are flattening a bit, but Buyers are still buying! People need to buy and sell regardless of market conditions.

INTEREST RATES are still excellent. I was reminiscing with Wes Rice of Rate One Home Loans recently, recalling several years in which the “experts” intoned, “You’ll never see single-digit interest rates again.” Boy, were THEY wrong!

PAWTUCKET…I just used my excellent referral network to refer a loved one to a great Realtor there. Know anyone who needs to find a competent, caring Realtor in another area of the country? I can help! Choosing a Realtor is too big a deal to leave it to chance.

“I FEEL like I know you.” This is music to my ears. This past week I’ve received three calls from folks who have been following this little column for decades. “We always said that when we were ready to move we’d call you.” What a blessing! Life is good. God is good.

WE HAVE BUYERS for most property types and price ranges, and of course we expose our listings to the whole wide world of Realtors and Buyers through the Multiple Listing Service and other online search engines. If you’re considering selling, feel free to call me at 209-401-5446 for a no-strings conversation.

“THE LORD directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way?” (Proverbs 20:24). I think ol’ Solomon was on the mark. Have a great week!