THE GEEK FLAGS FLEW HIGH at the World of Wonders Science Museum's Geekology event last Saturday! Grandchilluns Freddie and Gilly and I fed our inner Geek. The WOW became “a geek cultural destination with areas dedicated to comic books, pinball machines, a gaming expo, board games, a virtual reality demo, hackerspace, arts & Minecrafts, 3D printing, and more. Family-friendly costumes will get visitors $2 off their admission!” There was even a costume parade.

THE KIDS dressed up, Freddie in a whimsical costume of her own creation and Gilligan as (Who else?) Spiderman. There were dozens of GROWN-UP KIDS there: Storm Troopers, Klingons, Zombies…Princess Leia even showed up. Gilligan posed with the beautiful Witch from Snow White. She offered him an apple, but he declined politely. His Mama trained him not to take food from strange witches.

THREE OFFERS IN THREE DAYS…and the listing I mentioned last week is PENDING! This means TWO Buyers are still looking for a home in that area. Our Kristina Heisler is out talking to neighbors to see who might be next. Want to talk? My cell is 209-401-5446. Straight answers, no pressure.

CONGRATULATIONS to Barbara Quashnick on the successful SALE of her Acampo ranchette. I’ve worked with this family for years now. Always a pleasure! Kristina was my Transaction Partner on this deal too. It’s a privilege to play a part in peoples’ major life decisions. In this case, the family history of the property dates back over fifty years. Lots of memories.

I POSTED a few photos and video on my Facebook page if you’d like to see some local Klingons and Storm Troopers. You may even recognize some of them…