As you read this, I’m munching breakfast with my SoCal family before heading north. This past week I’ve led a Synergy Group at Brian Buffini’s annual Peak Experience in Carlsbad. Always a great time! Excellent speakers, good vibes, and a chance to rub shoulders with the friends I’ve made who practice real estate all across the USA and Canada.

EXAMPLE: I’ll catch up with Jo-Ann Zebrowski of Eugene, Oregon. I recently referred the sister of a client of mine to Jo-Ann and Team Zebrowski. The sis is very pleased to be working with one of the top real estate operations in Eugene. Need to know who to call in another area? I can help!

CONGRATULATIONS to the Jones Family on the successful SALE of their Lodi home! John DuBois handled the transaction. Another great job, John!

CONGRATS ALSO to one of my Mystery Clients on the successful SALE of another one of her income properties. Always a pleasure! Only one more to go at the moment, and that’s due to close soon.

WATCH THIS SPACE for some great new listings coming soon!

I’M HOPING that I got in a little SCUBA time on this trip (I’m obviously writing this rant BEFORE I leave town). We shall see. Gotta spend a LITTLE time submerged.