CONVERSATIONS…Traveling means meeting interesting people. On my recent trip to Florida, my first Lyft driver was a fiftyish gentleman from Egypt. He is a marked man; there’s a price on his head in his native country. He opposed the Arab Spring and ended up forced to flee his homeland for the Land of the Free. His family can come to America to visit him, but for him to go to them would be to risk death.


MY SECOND Lyft driver, Victor, successfully got his wife and children out of Venezuela several years ago. He described what it was like to have armed government soldiers in his home, pointing automatic weapons at his nine-year-old daughter’s head. 


WHAT DO YOU THINK both of these men are passionate about? America. They appreciate what we have here more than most of us can comprehend. When you know from personal experience what it’s like NOT to have peace and safety and freedom, you cherish it when you find it. God bless America.


WE’RE GETTING A LOT OF CALLS on 8560 East Kettleman Lane. Charming 6/10-acre ranchette  surrounded by some of Lodi's finest grapes and tasting rooms minutes away. No rear neighbors for acres! Three bedrooms, three baths. RV parking!  $534,950. Call John DuBois for details at 371-9664!


CONGRATULATIONS to Frank and Vickie, a retired couple who just SOLD their long-time Lodi home to move closer to kids and grandkids. We love helping people realize their dreams.


MORE GREAT LISTINGS coming soon! Watch this space for details, and have a great week!