“AGAIN! AGAIN! AGAIN!” Grandson Gilligan, who turned six years old this past week, loves to be thrown high into the air, landing with a splash in the pool. He’s especially partial to “Helicopter” (That’s when I throw him with a twist so he spins through the air, arms wide).

GRANDPA loves this too. When the kids go home, all it takes is three Ibuprofen and I’m fine. Good thing Gilly is still small and wiry. I’m enjoying this while I can. His Daddy is six feet four.

CONGRATULATIONS to Joe and Betsy Shinn on the successful SALE of their Lodi home! I helped them purchase this home a few years back, and it’s been a good investment. Now: On to new frontiers!

JUST LISTED AND OPEN TODAY FROM 2 To 4 pm: 2432 West Tokay! Clean, sharp one-story home! Just shy of 1700 square feet. Three bedrooms, two baths, nicely landscaped front and back with a great covered patio! Stop by and visit John DuBois! $394,950!

POOL FUN, CONT’D… Granddaughter Freddie, now eleven, is still throwable, but quickly turning into a young lady. Most of our pool time is now more genteel. Time does fly. God is good. Have a great week!