A LOVE STORY…Eric and Audrey Olson are two remarkable young people. Here’s a snippet of their story, as told by Eric:


“I FIRST ASKED Audrey out on an official date on February 13 (I know the day before Valentine's Day, that was unplanned). On this first date, I tried to dissuade Audrey from falling madly in love with me. I told her I would never be seeking the highest paid jobs that would have all of the best benefits. I was not interested in the latest fads in anything: cars, housing, hairstyles, technology, anything. I stated that I was interested in adopting children, in helping the poor, and in rescuing puppies. I also made sure that in all things Christwould be preeminent in my life, and that she would never (nor could she) be my heart's highest love, because that spot would always be reserved for Christ. Despite my best efforts, she did fall more madly in love with me. We were married a little less than a year later on a blizzardy New Year's Eve in Central Illinois…”


For four years now, Eric and Audrey have served as “teaching missionaries” at the International Christian School in Budapest, Hungary. They’re passionate about their work! They teach kids from 20 different nations. 55% of their K through 12 students are “MK”’s (Missionary Kids), 35% are Hungarians, and the rest come from the international business or embassy community. Check out icsbudapest.org.


Eric is the son of Rex and Susie Olson. Rex owns and operates Robinson’s Feed in Lodi. The Olsons grow great kids!


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