COAT WEATHER…Pacific Grove is a great escape when Lodi gets to triple digits. Julie and I (and Spike T. Dog, of course!) enjoyed the novelty of a fireplace and warm clothes. After a few days, however, it was nice to return to our sweltering little burg. I do love the heat! (Weird, huh?).


MEANWHILE, back at the office, John DuBois was busy putting THREE transactions into escrow, one of which is a new multi-unit listing I haven’t even had time to tell you about! It only lasted five days on the market and the (strong) list price was overbid by $10,000! Three offers. This market is poppin’.  Office Manager Angel McGregor has been busy lining up appointments for me (and going on appointments herself) in my absence. I’m writing this in mid-week. Watch this space for more great listings just around the corner!


CONGRATULATIONS to Peggy on the SALE of her Elk Grove home AND on the purchase of her new (to her) Lodi home! John DuBois was instrumental in both of these transactions too. John also played a major role in getting our client Than’s home SOLD so he could move to Reno. His Reno Realtor referred him to me and we worked closely together to coordinate the sale and the purchase of Than’s new Reno home. Another great team effort. (I network with the very best Realtors all across the country. Need help in another area? Just call!).


Have a cool week! Suggestion: Stay submerged!