TRIPLE WHAMMY DEPT….Contingent offers are common in this current real estate climate. People once again have a wonderful thing called EQUITY in their homes! The big “But” is that they have to SELL their home to get their  equity and buy their next home. Hence the preponderance of contingent offers.


MY RECORD is five transactions in a row. I’ve had that experience a couple of times. It’s a contributing factor to the number of gray hairs on my youthful head.  Yesterday The Statesman Team’s Mike Dickhoff and I rejoiced at Art and Val Thomas’s SALE of their ranchette and their PURCHASE of a home in town. These two deals were Numbers Two and Three of a three-domino sequence.


To make matters more interesting, the first domino in the trio AND the Thomas’s ranchette BOTH fell out of escrow once during this adventure (and flopped back into escrow almost immediately). Three Buyers, three Sellers, three lenders, three title companies, three sets of inspections, three appraisals…This is an example of why there will never be an app for what Realtors do to make your transaction work. Congratulations all around!


CONGRATULATIONS ALSO to The Statesman Team’s John DuBois who closed TWO transactions this past week! Both Buyers were Bay Area refugees looking for a better life away from the hustle. One of the transactions was our little Team’s highest-priced transaction in history! A great sprawling vineyard and home east of Lodi. The Buyers sold a one-bedroom condo in Belmont and paid cash for the ranchette. Just kiddin’! It’s not THAT crazy over there, but it’s close!


How about you? If you’re looking for straight answers with no strings, feel free to give me a call at 209-401-5446. Happy to help you dream a little. This is a fun business. Have a great week!