"REAL ESTATE cannot be lost, stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid in full, and managed with reasonable care it is about the safest investment in the world." Smart guy, that Franklin D. Roosevelt.

LOTS OF MYSTERY this week! The Statesman Team’s Kristina Heisler and I celebrated with TWO sets of Mystery Clients, one on the Seller side and one on the Buyer side! Happy beginnings! Way to go, Kristina! Congrats also to Statesman’s Mike Dickhoff who (along with me) represented the Sellers (MORE Mystery Clients) on Kristina’s Buyers’ purchase of a great Lodi commercial property.

KRISTINA and The Statesman Team’s Sherry Dickhoff have nearly hit Master’s Club ($ 4 million in closed sales) and we’re only halfway through 2017! Nice going, ladies! The guys, John Dubois and Mike Dickhoff, are moving up fast. THANK YOU to all who have played a part. You are appreciated!

SPEAKING OF APPRECIATION, our annual Great American Apple Pie Party was a huge success. Once a quarter, we do something nice for our Forever Clients and others who have entrusted friends and family to us. Every July Fourth, it’s Costco apple pies. Between Richard Mahoney’s 60 pies and our 120 pies, we gave away 180 pies to members of our Client Appreciation Program! That’s a tangible way to say THANK YOU! Want to join my CAP Program? It’s not hard. The program is limited to clients and folks who REFER clients to our little Team. The July event is just one of many things we do with our peeps during the year. Some of my relationships go back to BRE (Before Real Estate)! We love our work.

MORE HOT LISTINGS COMING SOON! Watch this space. One of last week’s new listings already has an above-list-price CASH offer as we speak. What a market! Questions? If you’d like some straight answers with no strings, just call me at 401-5446. Hope your Fourth was GREAT! See you next Sat.