THE BOY was ten years old. He stood with his Dad on the back porch of the family farmhouse. The night was country-dark and a little scary for a small boy.

THE DAD asked his son to fetch a wrench from the tool box in the barn. “I can’t see that far,” the boy protested. His father lit a lantern and held it up. “How far can you see now?” he asked the boy.

“I CAN SEE to the fence post.”

“Here’s the lantern. Walk to the fence post,” said the Dad. “I’ll stay here on the porch and watch you.”

The boy reached the post. “How far can you see now?” asked the Dad. “I can see to the barn door!” said the boy. “Walk to it,” said the Dad.

The boy reached the barn door and opened it. “How far can you see now?” called the father. “I can see the tool box!” shouted the boy.

The Maker’s Manual for the Human Race says, “We walk by faith and not by sight.” In my experience, my Father always gives me enough light to see just as much as I need to see at any given moment. I know that He’s standing on the porch, watching me the whole time. He is absolutely trustworthy.